Web App Development

Provide end-to-end IT solutions in various web technologies

Web App Development

Our web based application development services provide end-to-end IT solutions for various businesses. We ,at Anova , support and promotes  the use of open source technologies wherever possible for implementation of these solutions. We specialize in creation of enterprise web applications in given field segments.

GIS Applications

Anova provides innovative, robust and easy-to-use geospatial software and IT solutions. We provide end-to-end Mobile and Web GIS applications as per business specific requirements. We have in-house developed frameworks in mobile and Web GIS open source technologies which are utilized as base to built custom features of GIS application and ensure quick development time.

Our GIS application development services includes development in ESRI Suite products and Open source platforms in given segments:

  • Mobile GIS application solutions in all platforms
  • Web GIS application to visualize, manage and analyze spatial data
  • Geospatial database design and development
  • Web and Desktop spatial information systems
  • GIS Integration with existing systems

Content Management System

We design  modern and personalised portals based on open source Enterprise Content Management Systems that provide engaging interface for users and intuitive tools for admin to manage content.

There are various unique features which are offered by CMS like web based creating, publishing, storing and therefore maintaining the portal content. The portals can be extended with custom dashboards, workflow modules and can be integrated with other third party systems.

Survey/Field Work Automation Software

We provide a complete end-to-end platform for gathering data in the field, managing the collected data and providing tools to visualize &  analyse that data.

Anova Solution for Survey and Field Work automation provides an entire paperless platform to collect data in field in the form of text data, photos, geo-location or spatial data. It is backed by a web based platform to view real-time collection of this data in the office.

Technology Platforms:


Microsoft’s .NET framework

We have experts in Microsoft .Net technologies to build enterprise applications using Asp.Net, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Java Applications

We use Java technologies for implementation of flexible and scalable business solutions.

Why Do You Choose Us for Web development services?

• Strong experienced team with 18+ experience in Software development
• Utilise open source technologies to ensure low cost of ownserhsip
• Pre-built application frameworks to ensure rapid delivery timelines
• Profound knowledge of web application technologies and frameworks
• Practice process oriented development
• Staying up-to-date with the latest technology


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