NSDC SMART App for real-time capturing of photos


Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) jointly initiated SMART-Skill Management and AccReditation of Training Centres Initiative,that aims to streamline the skill development initiatives across the country under PMKYV-II Initiative.

Business Requirement

SMART NSDC App is required to be built for applicant Training Centres who are applying for Centre Accreditation under the PMKVY Initiative. The applicant Training Centre capture their Centre information on SMART portal.

They also need to capture the Geo Tagged and Time stamped photos of training centre to provide pictorial evidences for all the information shared in the Centre Accreditation Application Form(CAAF) filled by them

Solution Provided

Anova Solutions created SMART NSDC App which provides the facility to applicant training centres to capture the pictures in synchronization with the CAAF. The applicant Training Centre is able to successfully submit the CAAF after capturing and uploading the pictures using this app.

Usage of SMART NSDC App:

1. Download and Install SMART NSDC App from Google Play store.

2. Login into the SMART APP using credentials used to fill CAAF form on SMART portal.

3. Mobile App download and provides list of categories and sections as per the details filled in the CAAF form. E.g User get details of classrooms, labs, job roles as filled in CAAF of training centre for which pictures are to be clicked.

4. User selects the section one by one and upload the pictures.

5. Pictures uploaded with geo-tag and timestamp capturing location of training centre.

6. Real time syncing of photos to the SMART portal.

SMART NSDC Mobile app is provided in both Android and iOS platforms enabling training centres to capture real-time pictures of training centres who apply for Centre Accreditation under SMART Initiative.