Mobile platform for Field Inspection and Interview Process Of EIA Consultant Organisations


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a statutory requirement for most developmental and industrial activities in our country. National Accreditation Board for Education & Training (NABET), a constituent board of the QCI authorized by Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) conducts accreditation of organisations with inputs from various stakeholders including experts in the field, regulatory agencies, consultants etc.

Business Requirement

NABET Assessor App is required by Quality Council of India to enable digitization of Accreditation process of Training Centres including capturing of interviews of consultants conducted during the process.

Key business need of Assessor app is to:
1. Paperless audit of EAI Conusltant
2. Provide user intuitive application to capture complex data forms filled during the accreditation process
3. Capturing of Audio data of interviewees for future reference
4. Real time access and review of data collected in Field Inspection of Organisation
5. Effective data collection mechanism supported by pictorial and Audio evidences
6. Conditional rendering of forms/questionnaires based on input data

Solution Provided

Anova Solutions created EIA Assessor app which provides a paperless digital platform to conduct comprehensive assessment of EIA Consultant Organisations along with capturing of audio of interviews of consultants.

This App facilitates the Inspectors to conduct accreditation of Organisations on various Environmental parameters as per predesigned format.

The Inspection Mobile App is designed to conduct a thorough inspection of the Training Centre to identify signs of deterioration or f ailure with the guidelines.

Key app features include:

o   Login feature so that only authentic users should be able to access the application
o   Work Allocation Dashboard
o   Facility to fill F3 EIA Questionnaire forms as per predefined list of categories of forms.
o   Responses can be marks/textual details and detailed remarks for each parameter
o   Geo-location and timestamp to be captured for different forms
o   There will be an option to capture Audio files to capture interviews.
o   Mark compliance or non-compliance by editing a value prefilled by training centre
o   Mobile application to collect in offline mode in case of non-availability of connection
o   Manual syncup of data whenever connectivity is available
o   Mobile data to sync-up with web application on real-time


•  Complex business process of EIA Accreditation converted into user friendly smart phone app where data is captured and submitted real time
•  Save time and money usually spent on handwritten paper inspections
•  Improve data accuracy with pictorial and audio evidences